Scaffold Assembly

Components Of Assembling

  1. Wooden Planks / Sole Plate - Clean site and lay the wooden planks at the ground in horizontal position
  2. Jack Base - It is a seat for adjusting the required scaffolding level above the wooden planks
  3. Main Frame - Insert the main frame into jack base section in perpendicular position
  4. Cross Brace - For fixing the main frame in each span of scaffolding
  5. Arm Lock - It is being used to hold frames between lifts to prevent uplifting
  6. Joint Pin - Insert onto the top of main frame for fixing the upper frame.
  7. Horizontal Frame or Catwalk - It is a lateral pipe frame used to hook onto the main frame
  8. Wall Tie (Keeper Joint) - Use wall tie to prevent the frames from tilting or collapsing


Frame Scaffold Layout

  1. Horizontal Frame
  2. Main Frame
  3. Cross Brace
  4. Arm lock
  5. Joint Pin
  6. Catwalk
  7. Jack Base
  8. Soleplate / Wooden Plank
  9. Ladder
  10. Guard Rail Post
  11. Guard Rail
  12. Truss Hanger
  13. Truss
  14. Truss Girt
  15. Truss Support